Are you a woman with sleep problems? Do you need more sleep? Better sleep?

Lucinda Sykes MD

Hello Dear Visitor!

Welcome to this site devoted to better sleep & peace of mind for women in the second half of life.

I’m a retired Canadian doctor and a longtime mindfulness teacher. My special mission is sleep coaching — helping Women 50+ regain their natural capacity for deep restorative sleep.

Research shows that deep restorative sleep gives your brain a chance to rebalance mood and stabilize your peace of mind. Deep sleep supports happiness!

And, every night your deep sleep helps to protect your cognitive health too — reducing your risk for conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

During deep sleep your brain actively cleanses itself, and your whole body gets a chance to relax and rebalance. Every body system is refreshed with a night of restorative sleep.

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Schedule a Session explains how you and I could meet for a ‘Best Sleep Now’ session — a complimentary consultation that helps you clarify your sleep problem, and gives you a chance to consider what hidden challenges likely sabotage your sleep.

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