Coaching With Me

Finding Your Path

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My coaching is a structured, 5-part program that helps to cultivate your body’s natural capacity for deep, restorative sleep. Your body wants to sleep and knows how to do so. In the coaching process, you return to a balance within yourself at this deeper level.

Crucially, the coaching program is adapted to match your individual situation, your personal history, and your unique biology. This is a process, following in a path of self-acceptance, self-compassion.

Here’s the advantage of personal coaching. By working together, individually, we have time to listen and respond, step by step, as your nature reveals itself. Your body finds its way to sleeping deeply again.

This 5-part program is based on my background and knowledge of:

  • MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction)
  • CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia)
  • analytical psychology
  • integrative medicine
  • sleep science

In our ongoing coaching relationship, we have a chance to customize the process in a way that serves you best.

For more information about this structured approach, I invite you to schedule a session. Let’s meet. We can take time to consider your best path toward deeper, more fulfilling sleep!