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Taking next steps…

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Wondering how to solve your sleep problem? Looking for a new approach? Are you ready to take your next step?

The Problem

You’re a woman in the second half of life, and you know you’re not getting all the good sleep you need. You may even feel your health is being affected.

You find that:

  • it’s hard to fall asleep… or
  • it’s hard to stay asleep… or
  • your sleep is ‘on & off’, fragmented… or
  • you wake up far too early… or
  • you want to stop dependence on sleep aids…

At night, you want to sleep deeply, naturally — and then, with the morning, you want to awaken, feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

A Possible Meeting?

I regularly meet in ‘Best Sleep Now’ consultation with individual women who want support in solving their sleep problems. We chat in private conversation on Zoom, usually for about 45-60 minutes.

Would you be interested to meet?

During our session, you will:

  • Get clarity on the best sleep for you right now.
  • Uncover any hidden challenges currently sabotaging your sleep.
  • Leave the session feeling renewed & energized, inspired for better sleep ahead.

Note: All meetings are unrecorded. Your privacy is assured.

Why do I offer this meeting?

You may be wondering why I freely invite women to meet with me in in this way.  That’s a fair question, and here’s both my answers. 

First reason, I have retired from medical practice, and in this last stage of my professional life, I feel called to coach women to better sleep — especially to help them avoid the serious consequences of sleeping pills and chronic sleep deprivation.

In this, I’m honouring the memory of my dear grandmother who developed Alzheimer’s disease prematurely, after decades of nightly sleeping pills. I feel a mission to show women better solutions so they can keep a clear mind and happy heart as long as possible.

Second reason, I love my work as a sleep coach, and this is one way that I meet women who eventually become my coaching clients.

As I meet with women individually, I get to know them and they get to know me. It’s not unusual for a woman to decide to continue with me in coaching. She wants my support as a coach to help her to implement necessary changes and get results.

But a woman is also welcome to take any of the ideas we discuss and then implement those ideas in her own way. The ‘Best Sleep Now’ conversation is always offered with good wishes! I will have enjoyed meeting with my guest, and I will hope our meeting has contributed to her well-being. These good feelings are intended to be passed on!

What about my doctor?

I am very respectful of your relationships with your doctors. I am glad you have medical care.

Our meeting is not a medical consultation. I am retired. I will never be diagnosing your sleep problem or advising you on treatment.

My work is entirely compatible and complementary with your medical care. Often a busy physician just doesn’t have the time required to provided the extended support that’s possible in the coaching process.

Think of me simply as a supportive friend who is experienced and has some good ideas! That’s the role of a coach — to be a knowledgable, trustworthy friend.

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